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Newsprint corresponds in quality to GOST 6445-74. Ideal for full color printing on high speed presses.

Grade A - for printing texts and black-and-white illustrations on high-speed newspaper aggregates, including raster illustrations with lineature up to 35 lines / cm.

Mark O - for printing texts, color and black-and-white illustrations, including raster illustrations with lineature up to 40 lines / cm, on high-speed newspaper aggregates.


  • Printing newspapers and advertising inserts.
  • Book printing.
  • Industrial processing of rolls into cut sheets for specialty printing.
  • Production of notebooks and forms.
Grammage, g/m2 42/45/48,8
Density, g/cm3
Breaking length in the longitudinal direction, m 4000
Tensile strength in the transverse direction, mN 200
Roughness, ml/min 150
Whiteness, % 60
Opacity, % 91/92
Weediness - the number of specks per m2 32
Humidity, % 6-10

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