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Paper made from various fibrous semi-finished products for packaging non-food products and finished products. Wrapping paper "E" - one of the most common types of wrapping paper, is the easiest and cheapest way to pack. Wrapping paper "E" belongs to the class of wrapping papers. It is used in most industries, trade, services.

Winding of wrapping paper in rolls is carried out on paper sleeves with an inner diameter of 75 mm.

GOST 8273-75
Grammage, g/m2
Breaking length on average in two directions, m, not less than 2000
Sizing degree, %, not less than 0,6
Humidity, %, no more than 10
Roll width, mm 840-1240
Roll diameter, mm, no more than 1000
Paper roll weight, kg, no more than 500

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